Commercial Applications

Mobile Lab Platforms and Portable Power Plant Solutions

Commercial applications for Envirolytics'® products include, but are not limited to: news broadcasting; storm chase vehicles; environmental testing of hazardous waste sites; mobile medical laboratories; rapid medical screening for pathogens and contaminations in plants, animals, and humans; human trafficking deterrence; toxic waste clean-up sites; health screenings for metabolic disorders and cancer detection; drug detection and efficacy studies; analytic lab procedures; soil contamination and measurements; geological surveys; atmospheric and environmental testing; indoor air quality measuring; and explosives identification. Uses further include research facilities, mobile laboratories, doctor’s offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics, outpatient facilities, surgical centers, blood banks, clinical laboratories, medical and veterinary schools, public health departments, morgues, as well as for government agencies, like WHO, EPA, NOAA, NASA, CDC, NIH, FEMA, TSA, NTSB, DoD, DHS, DEA, first responders, and state/local environmental/public health agencies.