The patent pending trailer version of the mobile lab platform contains all the essential features of the van or truck, but without a vehicle engine. The trailer is moved to the research or job site for extended, unattended deployment.  Due to larger total surface area on the trailer, additional solar panels are permanently placed to keep the batteries to the inverters at operating charge.  The upsizing of the trailer allows additional scientific or electronic instrumentation to be installed.

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Vans, trucks, and trailers can be configured with an array of additional scientific equipment, electronics, and sensors to meet individual client requirements.  Whether through sales or service, Envirolytics® provides turn-key technology and mobile lab versatility for equipment manufacturers, companies, and researchers to power their equipment for extended periods of time, unattended, when conventional power supplies are not readily available.

In all instances, the various platforms provide an unlimited and versatile system of clean, continuos, and integrated power support.  They permit the extended and unattended run of measuring or electronic equipment in the stationary or mobile mode.  In mobile operation, the trailer emits no environmental pollution.  When coupled to the van or truck (running on propane fuel), the trailer can perform “clean” air sampling.  In a static mode, both the van, truck and the trailer platforms emit zero pollution.  When air purity is important, uncontaminated by combustion byproducts, the van, truck or the trailer is the answer.