Meet the Team




Jo is a district level school psychologist, holding dual master's degrees from the University of Idaho in Education and Counseling and a bachelor's degree from Gonzaga University in Business Administration and Marketing.  She is the previous owner of a transportation company and a consultant for a multi-state construction and golf course development company.  Jo is a published author and ardent advocate for public and school safety, testifying frequently before the Washington State legislature and in D.C. in support of multiple initiatives and bills.  Jo is also a disabled Vietnam-era veteran of the Marine Corps and the Navy, having served as security detail for President Gerald Ford.




Alan is an inventor, writer, and businessman, holding a Master's degree in Public Health from Columbia University and a BA from Rutgers.  Alan spent 23 years in healthcare, including positions as CEO and President in an international hospital chain. Additionally, he previously owned and operated 8 franchises in an international QSR corporation.  Alan also holds three martial arts black belts and is a NAUI Scuba Instructor, holding two US patents for underwater whistles. While in the Navy during the Gulf War, Lieutenant Commander Joseph was Aide to a 3-star Admiral.  He also was a first responder during hurricane Katrina, coordinating efforts for the Georgia Army National Guard. Highly decorated with multiple medals and commendations, Alan was Officer-in-Charge of search, rescue, and recovery efforts at the Cypress Street Freeway collapse during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, meeting on location with George H. W. Bush.